It’s time to welcome our new starter! Please give a warm welcome to Beth Jones.

As Q2 draws to an end we have welcomed another team member to our FMC Network within our Birmingham office!

Beth joins the brand as a Senior Delivery Consultant, she will focus on building relationships within the Construction Equipment industry across the UK focusing on operational and sales talent. Beth joins us with 7 years recruitment exposure, mainly within delivery functions including onsite and internal recruitment, with her most recent experience at Aspire Talent in Birmingham.

Read the interview below to find out more about the newest #RisingStar of Network House!



What drew you to recruitment in the first place?

Beth: I actually fell into recruitment after going through an agency to obtain a call centre job. After that, I haven’t looked back since. I love the buzz it gives you, the challenges it throws your way & friendships I’ve built along the way not only with candidates but with clients.


Describe your personality in three words.

Beth: Honest, Loyal & Caring.

One of ENG’s strongest values is inspiration. Who inspires you the most?

Beth: My sassy Daughter Mila. She is the main driver for me in life and I want to be able to provide a great life for her.

What would you do if you didn’t work in recruitment?

Beth: Probably a professional Netflix reviewer.

How do you spend your spare time?

Beth: In my spare time I either spend time with my daughter, see my friends & family, or watch back to back series on Netflix. I also love Rugby!

What are you most excited about working at Executive Network Group?

Beth: I’m most excited about getting a real career from ENG. They are established and know how to develop their staff to their fullest potential. I’m excited for that!