ENG Critical Hire is our core offering and a preferred alternative to traditional executive search.

Your business "critical hires" require critical thinking and strategy. ENG offers a modern alternative to the failings of traditional executive search using transparent, efficient, and cost-effective recruitment campaigns to produce well-researched, suitably assessed, and diverse talent. 

As your retained, exclusive partner on critical senior hires of either a permanent or interim nature, our 3D Framework® comes to the fore.  

Our three recruitment pillars: Diversity - Data - Delivery.  

Our key areas of expertise: Executive Search - Central Functions - Senior Commercial & Operations. 

Our Core Sectors: Financial & Professional Services - Facilities Management & Property - Logistics & Transport - Manufacturing & Technical - Energy & Utilities

We bring together the best traditional search methods with new thinking innovated and inspired by our 3D Framework®  to deliver the most diverse shortlists of competency and culturally-assessed talent for our client's businesses. 

Every campaign is summarised with a "post-project blueprint" detailing key recruitment analytics, diversity data, and brand perception insights. The data always drives our decisions, and our blueprint provides insight that helps our clients become more cognisant of – and more attractive to – diverse talent pools both now and in the future.


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