Hayley Evans

June 22, 2020

Posted by FM & Construction

These are interesting times, but you are not on your own.

‘You’re not on your own, your network is here’

I spotted a post recently that was thought provoking, thanking their network for supporting them and simply understanding their situation in these challenging times. Over my Furlough period I’ve chatted to many new and existing connections and friends in varying situations. Some furloughed, some busier than ever, some finding themselves in the unexpected position of being made redundant. One thing’s for sure, everyone’s personal and work situations differ.

I have found there’s been an overwhelming feeling of being on your own and a large degree of uncertainty, but along with this it’s clear there’s also a huge amount of positivity. Being thankful for the support of recruiters and just a honest human response, and certainly people are keen to hear and discuss what is happening. I’ve offered support, advice and often just feedback on how businesses are adapting. It’s clear some sectors such as Cleaning and Security are busier than ever and are working very hard to support new clients, and some are just taking action to ensure existing customers are focused on before seeking new contracts.

In such a short time period the UK have gone from recording some impressive employment figures in January of this year, to the highest and quickest rise in unemployment recorded in April. So, what does that mean to job seekers and businesses looking to hire? Firstly, yes that means there will of course be more people looking. To job seekers that means more competition, to hiring managers that means more choice. But also, there’s a degree of caution on both sides…ensuring this really is the role they really want. Ensuring this is the hire that works for both of you, avoiding making a decision that’s appears to be a perfect match at this time, but may change in 6 - 12 months when hopefully market conditions improve. But also, interestingly, there’s a feeling of when opportunity knocks, to answer it swiftly…or a candidate may be snapped up, or indeed that opportunity may zoom past. It’s sometimes a difficult balance to get right.

I’ve found a good amount of individuals have been re-focusing. They’re using this opportunity to better themselves and their businesses, focusing on that qualification they’ve always wanted to gain, focusing on a business that is more resilient and effective than ever. Maybe focusing on a sector that has always been of interest? Some are re-evaluating on the sectors they work in, focusing on those appearing to be more robust; healthcare and critical sectors for instance.

So my question is, what else can we as recruiters be doing to support you? It isn’t always having the perfect role and job seeker waiting for you, but actually being able to offer our time to listen and offer balanced advice, regardless if you’re actively looking or hiring, just wanting to hear how things are changing and how we are all adapting. So don’t be afraid to contact your network, now more than ever, people will be ready to chat.