Katie Farrugia

June 22, 2020

Posted by FM & Construction

Health conditions during a Global Pandemic and the way it changed the World.

High risk – low risk

As the world is changing due to the unfortunate breakout of COVID-19 and it's taking up most of our conversations and our thoughts these days. I thought I’d talk about some of the changes whilst raising the Health issues that affect people who are in the higher risk category from the virus than the usual healthy individual. Although the virus itself and risks are scary for everyone, imagine been told you were less likely to survive this if you have diabetes, asthma or any other underlying health condition such as heart conditions, autoimmune conditions and such like?

Before COVID-19 came around, I thought as many others did thought the same, ‘that wouldn’t happen these days’ as we assumed there are too many scientific advances and medical options that this was taken care of and prevented.

High Risk

Statistics show that 200,000 people in the UK alone diagnosed with Asthma and 3.8 million who have diabetes in the UK these numbers are staggering for the high-risk category. Even more so other autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac disease, thyroid problems, there are so many which leave people vulnerable.(Source - www.asthma.or.uk www.diabetets.or.uk)


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Facilities Management making changes.

This of course has had an effect on the way Facilities management have had to run their usual maintenance teams and emergency calls outs. For example having most of the staff on furlough whilst the scheme is offered, some enterprises have had a few engineers out working for emergencies, but those engineers have had to use appropriate PPE and have had to change the way they work to ensure safety of themselves and their customers. They have also had to ask certain questions regarding domestic call-outs such as, whether any person in the household has had contact with people who have confirmed COVID-19. Also when attending a property to carry out work, the tenant has had to be in a separate room and if possible let the engineer through a side gate or back entrance to reduce the risk of any spread, of course depending on what the emergency is, and the property layout. In reality having to work like this makes many people anxious.

Global affect

It has affected every single person and company, every corner of the Globe and people have had to change the way they not only work but shop, live, see family and friends. For most it has been awful not seeing family, but using the latest technology needed to make work doable, people have learnt how to use it properly and become more accustomed to using technology where required.

Most of humanity has really pulled together in terms of taking better care of the planet, as lockdown was underway, we got to see less litter on the earth. More people have tried to keep this as their new rule to keep it litter free, we had less pollution in the air, we could actually breathe cleaner air. Some people enjoyed spending time with their children, I felt home-schooling really was not for me and I would give anything for a day at work!

The other changes we have had to make which I think is quite positive is the way in which we work when it comes to recruiting new people and virtual meetings. It gives people more time when having an interview over skype or attending a meeting instead of travelling,there are some positives we can get from all of this!


I personally suffer with two autoimmune diseases and one which I must take medication for which completely strips down my immune system leaving me vulnerable which is quite scary for me! However, I must say I am still itching to get back into the office to work as I love how we work at ENG and I genuinely miss the usual office vibes!

Having an autoimmune disease in this weird time doesn’t mean I can’t do my job as well as I used to, I just have to be extra careful and there are so many companies out there that will support their staff on working from home. Whilst working from home does sound beneficial and some would welcome it I would not opt to do this five days a week, one day a week maybe but I would like to be in the office and have the interaction with my colleagues. I’m not going to let this virus make me into a paranoid mess, of course I will always ensure I wash my hands and sanitise as always but it won’t stop me going to work as it potentially will others.


A New World

The world has changed as we know it but hopefully, we can learn from this and ensure we look forward to a cleaner, healthier future. One which we can look out for each other better, one where we never take for granted the freedom we have, to enjoy simple things in our lives which hopefully we will again soon.

The 'new normal’ dare I say it, which will positively involve a new recruitment process, new process’ for companies to hire into their growing teams. It will surely create more time for people to interview from both the hirer prospective and candidate prospective as people can log onto their laptop, attend the interview, rather than leaving work, driving to the place, finding a parking space and meeting the person, instead of the face to face process we are all so used to, this will save time and potentially be more relaxed for the candidate to naturally expose their skills and attributes better. Therefore, more time efficient in most cases and safer for all involved.