Zoe Mansfield

June 16, 2020

Posted by FM & Construction

Has COVID-19 made you rethink your career path?

Over the last three months the UK has come to a ground breaking stand still due to this global pandemic. For many people the hustle and bustle of normal life was put on pause as we found ourselves confined to the safety of our own living rooms. I know I'll not be the first to admit that this change hasn't been an easy one however one thing it has allowed me to do is to STOP and THINK.

Many of us are guilty, myself included, of going about our daily lives having very little time to actually reflect on where we are and where we want to be. It's very easy to get caught up dedicating 40-60 hours a week to the day job as well as trying to maintain a social life, exercise regularly, drink enough water, text everyone back, stay sane and be happy!! For many of us, we simply just do not have the type of job that would allow us more than our granted 25 days holiday a year, never mind a three month sabbatical!

So now that we have had time to take a break, has it got you thinking about life and what you actually enjoy doing? Having spent the last five years working within the recruitment industry I am lucky enough to say that I thoroughly enjoy my job and that one thing the pandemic break has given me is the reassurance that this is the career I am keen to continue once we are back to normality. However I do also know that this isn't the case for everyone. After speaking with a number of people within the industry I recruit in and many close friends over the last few weeks and months I've found myself having the same conversations and hearing these phrases...

"After having some time away from work I have realised I do not enjoy my job"

"I want to change career to something I am actually passionate about"

"This company isn't the right fit for me"

"I no longer feel challenged or inspired within my workplace"

If you find yourself reading this article and can very much relate to those quotes above then you only have to ask yourself one question, will you make a change? Making the right career choices can be stressful, it's not always easy leaving everything that is familiar or comfortable behind to going into something new. Listening to your inner voice and recognising what gets those juices flowing will allow you to discover what it really is that you enjoy and where you want to be spending your time. If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught me it is that life is too short and that we should all be in a job we enjoy doing!

Thanks for reading.