Aisling Reid

June 17, 2020

Posted by HSE Recruitment

Health & Safety Professionals - Are you finally being heard?

Coronavirus is a topic of conversation that is so ingrained into our everyday life, both personally and professionally. It is something we all know about, something we all have an opinion on and importantly, something we all have in common. When was the last time you could say that?

As such, the microscope is well and truly on businesses; How they have dealt with this situation? How do they continue to deal with it? How are they treating their employees? All while we speculate how they are going to deal with it moving forward. 

Before all of this, a common grievance and challenge facing health and safety professionals was getting employees across all levels to follow health and safety measures, middle managers to support in enforcing them and senior managers and directors taking it seriously and truly leading from the top down.

Right now, we have the biggest pandemic of our life time, taking centre stage in virtual board rooms across the country. Are you taking advantage of this platform?

For a business, ensuring the health of their employees is one of the most important things they must focus on right now. We don't just have government measures or laws telling us what to do, we have the social pressures across the country that are forcing businesses to take accountability.

I wonder if the voices of health and safety professionals are now (and in some instances finally) being heard? Have the government measures and social pressures around protecting everyone's health forced your senior leadership team to start taking health and therefore safety, more seriously? 

Dealing with this ever-evolving situation with compassion, communicating effectively and mutual support through this will have both a positive internal and external impact. It is a sad thought that it may have taken a global pandemic to truly bump health and safety to the top of a board's agenda, however if it has, do not take it for granted. Whilst writing this I thought, 'Can we keep this momentum going? but then I realised, it's not whether we can keep this momentum going post COVID-19 , it is that we MUST keep this momentum going.

I would love to know your thoughts- Are you finally being heard?

By Aisling Reid

Senior Consultant - HSE Recruitment