Abbie Bates (2)

October 26, 2020

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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Health and Safety Industry


Covid-19 has turned the world upside down and forced the closure of countless industries. It is with no surprise that ‘adaptability’ has been the new approach for many businesses to ensure their workplace is safe for employees to return.

During this time, health and safety management has been vital and the industry has come together to deal with the mental and physical health difficulties of this pandemic. Following these rules has been challenging and the potential threat to people’s health is likely to be ever-present for the foreseeable future.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in ensuring the workplace is ‘COVID-secure’:

Risk Assessment

This is a starting point to ensure your risk assessment is updated to manage the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your business. This will help to understand what you should do to protect people and ensure safe working.  

Social Distancing

Where possible your people should be kept 2 metres apart. If this is not viable, keeping 1 metre apart with risk mitigation is acceptable.

Cleaning, Hygiene, and Handwashing

Keeping the workplace clean and frequent handwashing reduces the potential for coronavirus to spread. It is a critical part of making and keeping any business COVID-secure.

Providing Information & Talking to Workers

Consulting and involving people in the steps you’re taking to manage the risk of coronavirus in your workplace is important so you can explain the changes, hear ideas and continue to operate the business safely.

Home Working

If any employees are working from home, the following should happen:

  • Provide any equipment needed, for example, a computer, phone
  • Keep in regular contact with employees, making sure you discuss their wellbeing


‘’This year, the HSE reported the lowest annual number of work-related deaths on record.’’


Every year the HSE publishes reports on the number of fatal workplace accidents in the UK and it comes as no surprise, this year the HSE reported the lowest annual number of work-related deaths on record. Whilst this is great news, industries should not be reassured by these figures, thinking that this reduction is purely related to improvements in health & safety practices. The national lockdown restrictions imposed by the Government in response to COVID-19 pandemic have also had a part to play!

Now that many businesses are operating again, health and safety should remain at the forefront of minds for all. It really is crucial for the Health & Safety industry to be able to react quickly to any changing guidelines, as this is critical for all businesses to continue to thrive and combat the issues Covid-19 has and will throw at us.

With this in mind, the importance of having HSE specialists within organisations is apparent from a safety point of view to oversee and react to the new Covid-19 guidelines to make returning to work safe.

If you are a company looking to recruit a HSE specialist into your organisation to assist with these challenges, or maybe a HSE professional looking for a new challenge yourself, please do get in touch with the HSE Network on 0121 450 5000.