Executive Recruitment Challenges 2014

In the third quarter of 2013 Executive Network expanded our dynamic and vibrant team taking us to a 50-strong business.

This places us firmly in the top 3 largest recruitment companies in the Midlands. On top of this great achievement, we are also very proud that out of the fourteen graduate trainees we took on in our Graduate Academy, every single one has flown through training and proven that our very thorough and responsive recruitment process is spot on. What would you expect from our experienced recruiters?

So with this fantastic end to 2013, and a hugely busy 2014 to look forward to, this Quarter we are focusing on what our biggest challenges are and what we’re most excited about. A quick whip round of the office has revealed that many consultants among our five divisions are highlighting the fact that competition within the market is set to increase. On the one hand this poses a potential problem. The war on talent suggests that the recruitment industry will become more competitive and ambitious, and our aim in every placement process is to fit the perfect candidate into their ideal role. Nothing will draw us away from this fact, and if anything we are more than ready to get busier than ever and to prove that in our niche markets, there is no other choice but Executive Network.

This potential challenge was also what our consultants are looking forward to the most. Executive Network consultants are hand picked from the best who apply, and doing a job well is what we’re known for. The competition posed by the race for talent only inspires us to do our very best work, to grow our networks, optimise our contacts and keep focused on our communication.

We recruit across the UK and Internationally in these specialist markets- Health & Safety, Human Resources, Sales; Finance & Pharma, Faciliies Management and Equipment Sales/Service. If you’re interested in finding out more about us, give us a call today- 0121 450 5000.