Internal Transfer… Why so Scared?

It’s been a rollercoaster ride during my time at here at ENG.  I started wide eyed and bushy tailed on the 2014 Executive Academy alongside 11 other trainees, all eager and enthusiastic about starting a career in recruitment.  After the 10 week in-depth programme, plenty of on-the-job coaching and a good grounding in the industry, I felt ready to attack the HR market with Network HR as my new home.

Six months later, despite my effort and perseverance, I was sat with no money on the board. Nothing.

I tried not to let it perturb me, but I was working so hard and getting next to nowhere, watching my peers pass me by as I was left on the side-lines. Despite the other graduates of the Academy “smashing it’”, I continued to grind away on my desk, staying later and later to see if that could help (which doesn’t always by the way). Long story short I was sat with around £28,000 at the end of the year, against a target of £72,000.

What to do?!

Recruitment can be given a bad name; ruthless, cut throat, unforgiving. From what I’ve seen and heard you’re probably right. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. The trick is to find a company and environment that supports you regardless – nurtures your growth and helps you find your feet when you’re struggling to climb. If you have the determination and the drive, show you’re working hard and have a good attitude, you can achieve whatever you want. A good company will find the right foundation and path for you to do it.

I look back at myself at the end of December and I had two options; forget ENG and find another company, or be honest with my employers and tell them this isn’t working. From the stories I’ve heard about that cut-throat nature of recruitment, I thought my honesty would lead me straight out of the door. But no, after my interview with Stewart Wilson and Lee Onions, my words to them were “I am committed to ENG and will stick it out”. So we evaluated my strengths and weaknesses, and we all agreed the best move was to The FM Network, another company within the group that works within Facilities Management. This turned out to be a very worthwhile decision!

I’m now in a situation where I’ve been promoted to Recruitment Executive – something I didn’t get even close to last year. I won our “Inspire Award” in May – an accolade given to the individual in the company who has inspired others in their work – I was over target for Q2, spent three days on a summer incentive in Barcelona for being one of the top billers in the business, and now I’m onto my second promotion plan. What a change to this time last year!

I now have my mind set on progressing quickly and I have many people to thank for this. The support from our management team in finding me the desk and path that was right for me was fantastic. I now have the potential to go very far, all because I stuck to my guns and was honest with my management.

The real lesson I learned through this, and the one message I would promote, is to not feel that you have to stay where you are if you’re not enjoying it or thriving. At ENG there is a real culture of growth and support. If something is going well you’re rewarded, and if something is going terribly you’re supported. There’s no shame in it, and thanks to ENG’s commitment to each of their employees, there are more opportunities here than you might think!

This is why I love ENG!!!

— Written by Phill Calvert.

Phill is a specialist consultant for The FM Network, specialising within the water industry. Connect with him on LinkedIn now.