Investing In Talent: Meet Our Academy

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Say hello to the class of 2014!

This September, we successfully launched our fourth annual Executive Training Academy. Designed to invest in local talent and develop the future generation of recruitment consultants, we have taken on board a total of 26 new members of staff in the last 12 months – all at entry-level with little to no previous recruitment experience. We think that’s a pretty cool investment into the Birmingham Graduate job market!

This year’s group of twelve, join last year’s intake of fourteen young professionals and graduates – all of whom have been sourced and pinpointed as exceptional local talent. The trainees are put through a unique 10-week training course, mentored by our dedicated Training & Talent Manager who oversees their development and progression within the Group. We believe our Academy is one-of-a-kind, and is developed to inspire and engage a new generation of recruitment professionals.

Having doubled in size since starting the Executive Academy four years ago, we have seen many of our trainee’s thrive in a career started by the innovative scheme. We launched it initially at a time when other organisations were holding back on recruitment due to the recession, so we bucked the trend and recruited people who showed passion and ambition. At Executive Network, we truly believe that investing in the next generation is important if we are serious about the future of recruitment being better and more innovative than the last.

Below you can see this year’s Academy. Five weeks into their training, they are settling in well here at Network House. Keep checking back on the website to hear more about their journey into recruitment, and what companies they move into once they graduate!