Lauren Howard (2)

November 3, 2020

Posted by Home (ENG)

Diversity Survey Report


After a year of uncertainty and navigating through a pandemic, one thing has remained consistent – the driving force that is improving both awareness and action on diversity and inclusion. It has been proven a diverse workforce contributes to both an elevated level of productivity whilst enabling different decision-making processes to lead to better performance. The misplaced fear, still held by some leaders, that a diverse workforce cannot collaborate as well now feels firmly discredited, indeed there is evidence to suggest diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 35%. Many are having a period of reflection on how to improve their diversity and inclusion, and a leading factor in this is how to improve their hiring processes.

Executive Network Group are pleased to have discovered, through our partnered recruitment campaigns, that diversity is becoming less of an exclusive boardroom topic and is increasingly a priority when hiring, and businesses are thinking now more than ever about how to engage and attract more diverse talent pools and how to take meaningful steps in their inclusion agenda.

This survey was used to gather thoughts and opinions to ensure ENG’s services continue to support strategic, operational, and geographical objectives throughout and beyond these turbulent times. The findings of this research will be used to provide business leaders and executives in HR, Procurement, and Talent Acquisition functions with a series of white papers, webinars, and market updates.
The survey was sent to over 600 Business Leaders, HR Leaders, and Talent Acquisition teams both by emails sent directly, as well as questions posted on LinkedIn polls.


Click here to view our survey findings.