Lauren Howard (7)

December 8, 2020

Posted by Home (ENG)

ENG's guide to succeeding in your virtual interview.


COVID-19 has been a driver of business change in 2020, one of these key changes are processes moving online including the hiring process. Businesses have quickly adapted to virtually interviewing, assessing talent online and onboarding virtually too.

The rise of remote working due to the ongoing pandemic means this trend is set to continue, with many stating how time-efficient they find a virtual hiring process. With this being said it’s imperative to also adapt to a virtual interview process and set a great impression online.
There has been an exponential rise of video technology platforms, with many previously using telephone interviews and of course traditional face-to-face interview methods the video interview has taken precedence in the current climate.
If you’re currently seeking a new opportunity, you may discover that many of your interviews – predominately first stages are now video-based. So how do you perfect this interview-style to succeed?

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