New Starter Spotlight – Amy & Aisling!

A huge warm welcome to our two new members of the team – Amy Sharp and Aisling Reid! Amy has joined the Network HR team, working alongside Daisy within Public Sector, specialising within education, government services and the NHS. Whilst Aisling joins the RED Recruitment team, specialising in sales within the automotive sector.

We’re extremely excited to have these two experienced recruiters joining the ranks here at ENG, so we asked them a couple of questions so that you can get to know them a little bit better.

So, where have you come from?

Amy: I worked at Monarch Education for over 5 years as a Principle Consultant and Team Leader. I worked with schools, providing supply teachers and learning support staff on a temporary basis and also managed a team of 6 consultants.

Aisling: I started out working as a manager in River Island and then moved into retail recruitment working for Retail Human Resources, recruiting within retail and hospitality management. I then moved to Edward Samuel Associates and specialised in marketing within the manufacturing sector in the Midlands.


What drew you to recruitment in the first place?

Amy: I was a teacher, but didn’t want to be (!) so I looked at relatable roles. Having successfully ran a temp desk, it was the fast pace and being the ‘go to’ person that really excited me; also generally recruitment offices are good fun!

Aisling: I had exposure to recruitment during my time at River Island, and enjoyed the process of interviewing candidates and assessing skill sets. I now enjoy bringing on my own clients and building up that relationship the most, as well as the satisfaction of filling a role from start to finish.


Describe your personality in three words.

Amy: Loyal, friendly, social

Aisling: Outgoing, sociable and energetic.


One of ENG’s strongest values is inspiration. Who inspires you the most?

Amy: My dad – may sound lame, but he’s 71 and has just moved to France and bought a motorhome to go and travel around Europe. He is far more rock and roll than me!

Aisling: My sister- she’s moved up within her company in a short space of time to a senior position through hard work but has still managed to have a great work life balance.


What would you do if you didn’t work in recruitment?

Amy: No idea! Maybe running a little café making food and running music events.

Aisling: I would probably go back to retail management.


How do you spend your spare time?

Amy: I love music, and I am obsessed with food, so any activities around these.

Aisling: I like to meet up with friends, go to the pub, travel, sightsee and binge on box sets.


What are you most excited about working at Executive Network Group?

Amy: Learning about a new sector, seeing results and finding out what my team nickname will be!

Aisling: I’m most excited about have the autonomy to build up my own desk.