New Starter Spotlight – Ciaran & Tom

Last week we welcomed two brand new faces to Network House. Our new starters both come to ENG with two years experience under their belts, and we’re excited for them both to join the ranks of our experienced recruiters.

Ciaran Price’s recruitment career started focused on recruiting for sales. He quickly moved into being a company lead for testing, assurance and life sciences. He has worked with many blue chip clients, and some leading FTSE 100 companies during his career to date. Ciaran now works for Procurement People within manufacturing – focusing on the pharmaceutical sector within the UK and internationally.

Tom Gardiner comes from an industrial recruitment background, working predominantly on temporary assignments within logistics & warehousing, trades & labour, and factory & manufacturing. He now works for The Equipment Network, launching their new plant operator division.

Read the interview below to find out more about the newest #RisingStars of Network House!

Where did you work before you joined ENG?

Ciaran: DMA Recruitment.

Tom: Pure Staff.


What drew you to recruitment in the first place?

Ciaran: I was drawn into recruitment because I really like working with people and helping them achieve their goals. I love working in recruitment because there is no better feeling than filling a role after getting to know your candidate.

Tom: I saw my friends in recruitment prospering, one in particular, was our very own Richard Britcliffe, and thought there was more to it than I initially anticipated. After a few enquiries, I got placed at my first recruitment position via RED. I love it when you fill a difficult booking and get the personal satisfaction, as well as the gratitude of the placed candidate. Also, from my own experience, I’ve found it fairly easy and I have flew up the ladder presented before me thus far. Hopefully I will be able to continue my progression here!


Describe your personality in three words.

Ciaran: Ambitious, Empathetic & Friendly.

Tom: Jokes, bants, giggles.


One of ENG’s strongest values is inspiration. Who inspires you the most?

Ciaran: Michael Bisping – He is a person who has worked hard for years and overcome lots of obstacles to achieve his goals. His mental attitude and self-belief is what inspires me and seeing him win his UFC title was one of my favourite sporting moments.

Tom: Ermmm, I like Noel Gallagher and Steve Gerrard. Both come from modest backgrounds and as well as being exceptionally talented, worked hard and excelled in their particular fields. Also gave me a lot of personal happiness over the years. Noely G, Stevie G, soon to be Tommy G…?


What would you do if you didn’t work in recruitment?

Ciaran: I think I would be working in Sales.

Tom: Love Island!


How do you spend your spare time?

Ciaran: I am sports mad! So I will be either watching or playing something Rugby, Football or MMA related. But I love going to the cinema or watching a good film with my wife.

Tom: Try to play football frequently, predominantly just 5 a side games nowadays amongst friends. I have a season ticket to the Villa too for all my sins. Bar that, going out and away on holidays. Then possibly a bit of downtime watching TV series like Game of Thrones.


What are you most excited about working at Executive Network Group?

Ciaran: From the first time I spoke to Lauren about ENG, to the day I met my new team there is a real buzz and passion for the brand that was just infectious. It is exciting to join a business where everyone is so passionate and is driven to succeed.

Tom: Getting to know all the team and hopefully making a lot of new friends, simple as to be honest!