New starter spotlight – Ian & Selina

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As we head into Q4 it’s time to introduce our newest hire -Selina!

Selina has 18 months of recruitment experience within the commercial property sector. After spending time on both a permanent and contract desk within property and commercial. Selina joins Procurement People as a Recruitment Delivery Executive, collaborating with our business development team in Procurement.

Read the interview below to find out more about the newest #RisingStars of Network House!

What drew you to recruitment in the first place?


Selina: After leaving school and being stuck as to what I was going to do with my life I was told about recruitment by a number of people who came from the industry and recognised that I had the right personality traits to fit the world of recruitment.
After 18 months and exploring different areas of recruitment I have found that I enjoy having the ability to manage your own workload as well as of course the incentives that come as a reward for the hard work.

Describe your personality in three words.

Selina:  Friendly, determined and trustworthy.

One of ENG’s strongest values is inspiration. Who inspires you the most?

Selina:  My dad – he was born in Turkey, didn’t get much of an education but has since built a successful company based in Ireland, is fluent in 6 languages, travels globally and has an extremely positive outlook on life as well as a very strong work ethic.

What would you do if you didn’t work in recruitment?

Selina: I would probably have gone to University and studied Literature or Philosophy and then not had a clue what to do afterwards.

How do you spend your spare time?

Selina:I love going on holiday, meeting up with friends and binge watching TV.

What are you most excited about working at Executive Network Group?

Selina:  I’m excited to be a part of a large and well respected company and being able to develop knowledge within a new industry (Procurement)!