New Starter Spotlight – Joe & Dave

As we approach the final weeks of Q1, it’s time to introduce the newest members of the ENG family. Last month we welcomed not, one but two new experienced hired – Joe Hodgson and Dave Jones!

Joe has almost 5 years of experience within education recruitment, having started out as a trainee consultant and working his way up to a team leader position. He’s now taking on FM, Property and Social Housing recruitment for The HSE Recruitment Network.

Dave has previously spent 10 years with ENG (2000 – 2010) where he covered mainly Sales, Marketing and Commercial roles at mid-senior level. He then relocated to Singapore where he spent 7 years recruiting for mid-senior level professionals for Technology clients.

Read the interviews below to find out about the newest #RisingStars of Network House

> Where did you work before you joined ENG?

Joe: ITN Mark Education most recently, but before that Connex Education – both education recruitment companies. Other previous employment has included working for a finance company and doing door to door sales for a home improvement company.

> What drew you to recruitment in the first place?

Joe: I fell into recruitment like a lot of other consultants do. An ex-colleague showed me an advert he’d seen for a trainee consultant position and I liked what I saw so applied and got it! I love the pace and variation that each day brings as well as the sense of achievement you feel every time you fill a job!

Dave: I was working in IT at the time and kept hearing my colleagues saying they were getting head-hunted which sounded kind of cool at the time. I spotted an advert for a trainee head-hunter at Executive Network and got the role after a few interviews. I love the variety of people, roles and places I’ve covered now over the years and I’ve recruited on most continents around the globe. The thrill of the deal still gives me a buzz.

> Describe your personality in three words.

Joe: Relaxed, positive and funny – although I’m yet to find many people who agree with the last!

Dave: Outgoing, sociable, personable.

> One of ENG’s strongest values is inspiration. Who inspires you the most?

Joe: My Mum. After going through a lot in her life she still manages to have the drive to work hard and be successful every day.

Dave: Steve Jobs – All the rejection and failures he went through and still didn’t let it get in the way of building arguable the biggest company in the world.

> What would you do if you didn’t work in recruitment?

Joe: I’d definitely be in another sales role if I didn’t work in recruitment. I love the buzz that it brings, so don’t want to miss out on that just yet!

Dave: Either a chef or a racing driver would’ve been nice.

> How do you spend your spare time?

Joe: Most of my spare time is taken up by refereeing basketball. I’m a national league referee so spend my weekends travelling the country officiating games.

Dave: Travelling to new places, sampling different cultures and cuisines. I also upcycle furniture when I get time, it brings out my creative side.

> What are you most excited about working at Executive Network Group?

Joe: Working within a new sector. I’d lost a bit of spark working within education, so I’m looking forward to finding that again in the Health and Safety Sector.

Dave: Returning to the place and the manager that got me started in this career and to help the business achieve new heights.