New Starter Spotlight - Paul Turrall

Posted by Home (ENG)

It’s time to welcome our new starter! Please give a warm welcome to Paul Turrall

As the new year begins we have welcomed another team member to HSE Recruitment within our Birmingham office!

Paul joins the brand as a Senior Consultant, he will focus on building relationships within the Health and Safety industry across the UK. 

Read the interview below to find out more about the newest #RisingStar of Network House!


Describe your personality in three words.

Paul: Tenacious, jovial, sarcastic

One of ENG’s strongest values is inspiration. Who inspires you the most?

Paul: My mum was my biggest inspiration, she brought me up on her own, and instilled a set of values in me that I hold true to this day, and am passing on to my children 

What would you do if you didn’t work in recruitment?

Paul: I considered becoming a prison warden once, so maybe that

How do you spend your spare time?

Paul: I've got two sons who both play football on Saturday's and Sunday's, so I'm not sure what free time is anymore!

What are you most excited about working at Executive Network Group?

Paul: Taking my existing skills and experience, and developing them with a bigger company with a fantastic presence, also looking forward to meeting new people