Why Employee Wellbeing Matters

The term “employee wellbeing” is a bit of a buzzword these days. As companies navigate the challenges of working with a new generation of employees with a whole different set of values, keeping your staff happy is more important than ever

If a large portion of of your employees are under 35, then you’re dealing with a millennial workforce. Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are no longer just fresh-faced students or graduates sniffing out internships anymore. They’re a key part of the workforce, and likely to be a key part of your company culture too.

With a new generation of workers, comes a whole host of new challenges. The way people view life and work – and the way the two blend together – is very different from the way it was twenty or even ten years ago. Long gone are the days where only parents of small children saw the value in a flexible working life. Millennial’s are more vocal about what they value and what motivates them, and in an economic climate where employers can’t afford to lose their best and most talented staff, it is in their best interest to keep them happy.

As companies start to see the benefits of listening to their employees, and offering flexibilities and benefits to suit them, those who choose to ignore the change in times are being left behind in the wake – and their best employees are jumping ship. It used to be that things like flexible working hours are a benefit for senior staff only, or a bonus handed out in packages to the highly paid and highly skilled. They simply don’t see the value in handing out anything ‘extra’ to staff at all or most levels.

Here at Executive Network Group we don’t agree with that. We believe that the best way to harness a positive and encouraging place to work is to provide our staff with the best possible environment from day one. This year we implemented a lot of fantastic new benefits for all of our staff – including allowing them flexibility in their daily working hours so that they can tailor their week to their personal preferences.

Our staff are happier and healthier than ever – whether that’s because they’re able to start work later to attend a morning exercise class or knock off early so that they can see their kids before the day is complete. It benefits each employee in their own unique way, and shows that we support them inside and outside of the office.

This flexibility is one of many new additions to an already jam-packed roster of benefits we are proud of at ENG. We have a strong culture of reward and recognition, with monthly awards and rewards given to those who really stand out. We offer plenty of social benefits to encourage teamwork and friendship, with a monthly lunch club for our top performers and a monthly friday club for everybody.

We do all this because we want our employees to be happy. And when our employees are happy they are more engaged, more motivated and far more likely to succeed. See below for some of the excellent benefits we offer our employees, and if you think you would fit in, why not check out our vacancies or send us a message via the contact page? We are always on the lookout for exciting new talent!