Why Recruitment is the Perfect Career Choice for Graduates

It’s not uncommon for graduates from all disciplines to feel uncertain about their direction at this time of year.

After years in education, with clear and pre-determined goals set out in front of you, the path is no longer as clear as it once was. And with a record number of students graduating from higher education every year, it’s also not as easy to navigate. Competition is fierce, opportunities are scarce and earning and growth potential can be low.

All of these difficult factors play a part in choosing what career to pursue. Long gone are the days where your degree guarantees you a job in your chosen field. Instead, graduates are choosing their careers based on personal fit, which is challenging yet liberating. Recruitment does not suit everyone, but below we have listed a handful of reasons why it may be your perfect graduate role.

Here are 8 reasons recruitment makes a great graduate job:

  1. From the word go, you have full control. Your earning potential is limited only by your desire. You control how much you earn, and how much you don’t. You literally get to choose your own salary, and your own future.
  2. Progression is yours if you want it. Recruitment is one of the few careers where progression is based on how hard you work, not by superficial workplace politics or procedures. If you commit to constantly improving, you will find yourself climbing the ladder fast.
  3. If you’re motivated by incentives, then recruitment is for you. In this career you will always be rewarded for hard work. Hitting targets and surpassing them will find you reaping extremely competitive benefits and rewards.
  4. Put those skills to good use! There’s no need to waste all those skills you perfected at university. Recruitment is far more diverse than it seems, and will draw on your ability to communicate, negotiate, hit targets, keep to deadlines and present ideas.
  5. Work anywhere in the world. If they have job vacancies, and people who need jobs, then there’s a market for recruitment. Your skills can be taken and transferred absolutely anywhere.
  6. It does not matter what educational background you have. Whilst your degree is excellent experience, many of the skills for recruitment cannot be taught, but must come from within. Anybody with passion, commitment and inter-personal skills can become successful in recruitment.
  7. Forget unpaid internships. Recruitment is one of the few careers where you can double your basic salary within a year. The opportunity for earning potential is limitless.
  8. Get the dream lifestyle! If nothing else has convinced you, maybe the flash cars, city center apartments and tropical holidays will? This career is exciting, fast-paced and can be luxurious. Put the work in and you will fast see the perks.