World Cup Celebrations – ENG’s Summer Party 2018!

Summertime at Executive Network Group is a time for celebration, reflection and positivity. Last Friday we enjoyed our Annual Summer Party with the only theme that seemed fitting – World Cup Style!

This past Friday was our annual summer celebrations. Each year we mark the closing of the first half of the year with our “Summer Conference”, which gives us a half-year overview of both team and individual achievements so far, as well as looking at the vision ahead for the rest of the year. 2018 has seen continuous improvement and some fantastic achievements a few to note is our Partner within our Network HR brand, Matthew Greenberg reaching the £1million pound billing club! An exceptional achievement, we’re extremely pleased for Matt as he epitomises our ENG values and continues to beat his records, the recognition continued to roll in with seven of our consultants exceeding their biggest ever months with Charly Newton-Coombs entering the ENG Hall of Fame for biggest month. With the exceptional revenue performances being recognised it was only right that we reward both Laura Aucott and Sophia Darwin for their efforts within the Health and Safety sector they recruit for. Going above and beyond demonstrating professional intelligence, Laura stepped up and delivered an exceptional speech regarding Women In Safety for the soapbox challenge at the Health & Safety Expo and Sophia arranged a round-table event in partnership with MARS. It was fantastic to also see our top performers invited to the Chester Races and awarded a Michelin star meal, we’re sure they will enjoy!

After the celebrations and presentations, our World Cup themed celebration really kicked off!
We enjoyed the inflatable human sized fuse ball, the football bucking bronco game, beer pong, and the penalty shootout, of course the competitive side was out in full force with the ENG team all getting involved – would we expect anything less?

We were then all treated to delicious food from Little Urban which you can find regularly at Digbeth Dining Club, the BBQ beef briskets and the alcohol provided keeping us full and energetic as the celebrations lasted well into the evening. Check out the below photo’s, showing just a few of the highlights from the evening. We’re now looking forward to our next quarterly event and (dare we say it) our Christmas Party! To keep up with all the happenings at Network House, follow us on Instagram!