Danny Woodcock

Head of FMC - Compliance Division
My Bio:

I came to ENG in 2012 at a crossroads in my career, looking for an opportunity to express myself and develop a career in a business that wouldn’t clip my wings. Having an entrepreneurial nature and an eye for an opportunity, I knew from my first conversation with the ENG directors this was a place that would allow me to flourish and not stifle my entrepreneurial side. I came on board as recruitment consultant in a small division with a lot of growth potential, and I have played a significant part in taking the FMC network to where it is now. Pairing up my new business and relationship skills with ENG’s core values, I gained multiple promotions through senior and managing consultants roles into business leads and partner positions. Setting up both the solid foundation we have now and the strategy to take us to the next level. I have loved my time at ENG and am genuinely inspired by how we go about our business, from the nurturing of graduates through our annual graduate program, to supporting our clients growth with a first class recruitment service and business acquisition/disposal. I believe we have set a bar for others to follow.