Phil While

Head of Recruitment - FMC
My Bio:

I joined ENG in 2010 with just over 12 months experience in the recruitment industry as a Recruitment Consultant. During my 10+ years with the business I have certainly honed my skills as a recruiter, manager and leader. I joined ENG as they offered a real opportunity to shape my career and take on roles which I can both enjoy and thrive within. During my time at ENG I have progressed through to management and leadership roles, with a demonstrable track record of coaching and developing both junior and experienced recruiters to improve performance levels, taking many through probation, promotions, to having personal best months, quarters and years. I aim to provide the same opportunities to those around me and help them to improve their skills to ultimately “make recruitment better”. A career in recruitment has allowed me to shape my own destiny both personally and professionally with the only barrier to progression being your own effort levels and determination. There is a hugely satisfying part to being a recruiter in that you are able to offer the same progression opportunities to others by providing advice, support and career opportunities to improve their lives and those of their families. And, with my own growing family, that’s all the inspiration I need to keep pushing on and progressing my own career at ENG.