Sarah Hamill-Moss

Head of FM Division
My Bio:

In 2007 I walked through the doors of Network House as a young, ambitious trainee recruiter looking to kick start my recruitment career! After completing my A levels I swiftly made the decision to join Executive Network Group as they were able to offer me a fantastic training programme and the opportunity to carve my own path. I spent 7 successful years working on RED R4R (enjoying 3 promotions) and loved every single minute of it. Yes the desk had it challenges (I mean I was dealing with recruiters all day every day 😊) but it gave me the best grounding to be an all-round 360 recruiter. In 2014 I moved over to FMC Network to start a desk from scratch! My true strengths lie within the 360 recruitment skillset and I have a very strong knowledge of the FM & Construction Equipment Sectors. During my time in the business I have carried out many roles including 360 Consultant, Billing Manager, Delivery Manager & Business Manager. My team inspire me daily. When you’re building a business the people that surround you can make such a huge difference! Going in to work every day working on a mission that we all feel so passionately about. Watching our team learn, grow and get better certainly makes it all worthwhile! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my personal journey here at ENG. I’ve witnessed the recruitment industry evolve dramatically to being more than just “placing people” and ENG has always been an advocate of “Making Recruitment Better”. I’m incredibly proud to be an employee here at Executive Network Group, being part of a forward thinking, innovative company that strives to be a true recruitment partner to our clients & candidates.