Almost a national disaster...!

June 21, 2020

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Almost a national disaster...!

I was watching Greg Wallace and "Inside the Factory" last night where we was looking at how chocolate digestives were made following the entire process from start to finish. From the delivery of the raw ingredients through to the biscuits being packaging, boxed, and ready to go!

This episode included a catch up with one of the leaders at the factory, asking a few questions about how this current lock-down and pandemic had affected the factory and its production. Apart from the obvious impact around people, the biggest issue was surprising.

As consumers, I'm beginning to think that maybe we all take cardboard for granted - I'm certainly receiving far more cardboard at home at the moment as I seem to order more and more from a very well known online retainer, and with my recycling collection paused, it's been very hard to recycle.

So to hear that the biggest supply chain issue for this factory was its inability to source sufficient cardboard for its packaging came as a bit of a surprise - there were no issues with the main ingredients, just the final, and seemingly crucial element.

Looking at this from a supply chain perspective, I wonder what other impacts this pandemic has had that we may have initially overlooked or taken for granted? Has your supply chain been impacted in a way that you really didn't expect?

Going forwards, what have you learnt about your supply chain and your procurement process that might need to be changed to ensure your production line or business can continue seamlessly should we have another period similar to this.

In a nation of biscuit eaters, surely we simply cannot allow the production line for chocolate digestives to be switched off?

By Richard Collett

ENG Senior Consultant