Selina Cinar

June 23, 2020

Posted by Procurement People


If you’re reading this confused about the headline then perhaps ‘what is procurement’ would be a good place to start... similar to many, when I first started recruiting into the Procurement space, I was unsure of the meaning let alone the market. Although I have now had the benefit of working with individuals who have vast knowledge on procurement as well as procurement professionals themselves, I can’t help but still be aware of the amount of people who are unfamiliar with the work of the procurement division.

The procurement department within a business will have a number of responsibilities and despite common belief, don’t just buy stuff for the office or make it harder to buy stuff for the office... I have very briefly listed some of their duties below;

  • Managing risk
  • Owning business spend
  • Procuring goods and/or services across wider business
  • Identify, select and continue to monitor suppliers
  • Negotiate and manage contracts

I feel it appropriate more than ever to shine some light on procurement in particular, as recently, given the current climate; it has allowed procurement to become a more recognised feature within a business even often mentioned by the media. As a Recruiter within the procurement space my understanding of the nature of a procurement professional is an individual who shows great organisation, tenacity and the ability to act quickly, smartly and in a commercial fashion (to name a few common traits). All of which, are characteristics that currently the general public and employees have/are craving from those leading and supporting with key decisions. It is no surprise therefore, that with a sudden focus on things such as PPE, procurement has been able to rise to the occasion and assist their organisations effectively whilst in the midst of a pandemic and time of panic for many.

With the unusual spotlight on procurement and with the positive effect their work is and has

had I am hopeful that the intrigue of those who are not aware of procurement or what they do will lead to more research and learning on the topic, as this is most definitely a business area that will only ever become more integral and critical to the success of a business and I guess there’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to prove ones importance.

I would be interested to find out how familiar you are with what your procurement department does on a daily basis and whether you were aware of them prior to Covid-19?

If you are a procurement professional are you feeling more valued in your business as a result of the current cliamte?

Recommended reading;

"Deployed strategically, procurement can help firms build whole constellations of value - rather than simple chains of value - in which stakeholders of all sorts are connected to one another holistically and dynamically"

Why investing in Procurement makes organisations more resilient by Rafael Ramirez, Ciaran McGinley and Steve Churchhouse (Havard Business Review)

By Selina Cinar

Senior Consultant - Network HR