At HSE, we don't just provide outstanding H&S talent; we provide a consultancy service driven by our constant pursuit of excellence.

Supporting strategic board members and senior leadership teams by providing organisation analysis, diversity strategies, brand perception data, market intelligence, & succession planning comes with the territory. 

We also provide powerful assessment tools for individual and team analysis to ensure that incoming or existing talent compliments your business in culture, skills, and long-term positive change.  

Psychometric Profiling 

Our profiling tool of choice – Saville Consulting Wave – is widely recognised both within the recruitment industry and by the BPS (British Psychological Society) as one of the most valid indicators of competency and cultural fit, helping highlight an individual’s future potential and areas of development, as it includes an element of prediction in its data output. The Saville Wave tool is also recognised as the only psychometric tool to identify work motives and talents, useful for easing the integration process and ensuring a successful placement.

We strongly believe that profiling – both Aptitudinal (A) and Behavioural (B) – can add significant value and objective insight into a recruitment campaign and assessment process.

Department Diagnostics

We will assess the individual strengths and overall team effectiveness of a departmental leadership team and assess how aligned that department is with the company's goals and purpose. 

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