HSE Half Hour

HSE Half Hour:Welcome to the HSE Half Hour - a monthly LIVE session hosted by Laura Aucott, Associate Director at HSE Recruitment, and Lauren Howard, Head of Networks and Communications at Executive Network Group.

These sessions will focus on a different subject each month and are designed to help you in your Health and Safety career and give you the opportunity to interact with us and special guests to answer your burning questions.

HSE Half Hour – Salaries in 2022
HSE Half Hour – Personal branding in Safety
HSE Half Hour – One Percent Safety with Dr Andrew Sharman
HSE Half Hour – Salaries in 2023
HSE Half Hour – Karen J Hewitt
HSE Half Hour – diversity in safety with Jessy Gomez
HSE Half Hour -  Gender Diversity Report 2022
HSE Half Hour – Sustainability & Safety with Chris Cleveland
HSE Half Hour – Inspiring the next generation with Rob Jukes
HSE Half Hour – Talent Attraction in Safety