Adam Oliver

Business Director
My Bio:

I joined ENG in 2013 having completed my academic studies in Nottingham, initially attracted by their long-term development programme and the opportunity to work with some extraordinarily successful people. The offering ticked all my boxes - it was an opportunity to gain an insight into some big brand names, build on my academic studies and apply my learning under the mentor-ship of people I found truly inspiring. I had a steep learning curve in the firm, but the business struck a perfect balance between their support for me and their ambition for my future. ENG were quick to identity and nurture potential with no barrier to entry. They supported me in entering new markets, developing new products, opening new office locations and really pushing me to achieve my full potential. Their culture of innovation and evolution enabled me to progress my career without limitation. The best thing about working in a meritocracy is there are no limits. Period. In my 7 years with the firm I have been invested in, been given the opportunity to forge my own path, fail without reprisal, and develop as an individual as well as a professional. I currently sit on the board of directors as one of the youngest serving members in our history. I’m incredibly proud to work for a business who invest in their people and provide a platform for individuals be themselves - it’s what makes our business so vibrant and so successful.