Chris Rowlands

Business Director
My Bio:

I first stepped through the doors of ENG in September 2004. From rookie recruiter to share-holding director my story is often wheeled out on our graduate assessment days as an example of “what could be”, but the reality has been far from smooth – we’ve launched new brands, acquired existing businesses, ridden the wave of buoyant markets and navigated some of the most challenging times recruitment businesses have ever faced, and I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m incredibly proud of our recruitment academy – first launched in 2012 – and our commitment to supporting and developing new entrants to the recruitment industry has been rewarded ten-fold in the achievement and results of our graduates. I’m also incredibly proud of our industry partnerships – with RoSPA, Energy & Utility Skills, Winmark, IIRSM and the London HR Connection to name a few – and these partnerships emphasise our steadfast commitment to the industries in which we recruit. Most of all however I’m proud every single time I walk through the door of Network House and see what we’ve built – a diverse team who thoroughly enjoy their work, who inspire and encourage one another to do their best every day and who strive to deliver a market-leading service to our clients. ENG has always encouraged me to play to my strengths, to test myself in a supportive, autonomous environment where mistakes are not frowned upon but seen as a means of development, and where individualities are seen as a strength not a weakness. And as my role has evolved I’m conscious I’m now a guardian of these ongoing commitments. Some of the happiest moments of my life have been shared with my ENG colleagues and I’ve no doubt there are many more to come in the future.