Jenna Stocks

Head of Recruitment - Critical Hire
My Bio:

Recruitment is one of those industries that people tend to ‘fall in to’ and I am no exception, even if it was 15 years ago! Recruitment has certainly come a long way since I first joined the industry and having worked at four different recruitment businesses, I knew exactly the environment and company I wanted to work for. I was craving to work in a mature environment, that caters for flexibility and allows you to push yourself and own your career. ENG did just that! Since joining ENG back in 2015, I had never considered being a Manager (especially within recruitment). I was quite content in my own bubble, high performer, making enough money to live a nice lifestyle, however fast forward 5 years and here I am in a Senior Management position working for a progressive, forward thinking company and surrounded by phenomenal people, who are quite frankly, at the top of their game! As a leader, I am inspired by like-minded individuals, how else am I going to strive for personal development unless I am surrounded by great people, who display the right behaviours and attitude and strive to be the best they can be? Managing a team comes pretty straight forward to me, I believe that respect and trust is a two way thing, and that by empowering my team and understanding what their personal and work motivators are, we are able to work together to ensure those goals are met and ultimately, my team enjoy coming to work. ENG have backed me and the wider business 100%, being open to change, supporting new ideas and suggestions on how ‘WE’ can become better and in turn have a fantastic culture full of fantastic people working to one goal “making recruitment better”. Happy workforce = happy customers!